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swedish / english summary / a short summary of the results

A short summary of the results of the tree year follows up 1993.

Since 1990 67 patients with restrictive lung diseases have been offered assisted mechanical ventilation at home with an individual REMMER MASK. Mean age 56 years range 7-78 years. 70% of the patients have been trained policlinically 2-3 hours daytime, once to twice a week. 40 patients were interviewed with reference to symptoms of nighttime hypoventilation after = 6 months therapy. 30 of these patients used MV regularly = 3 hours at night. A reduction of symptoms (fig 5) was observed in the cornice fatigue by 72%, morning headache by 86%, daytime drowsiness by 82%, depression/irritation by 55% and sleep disturbance by 63%.

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